Holiday Menu Item: Pomegranate, Maple-Glazed Pecan and Feta Salad

This healthy salad is a beautiful complement to any holiday meal. Fresh pomegranate arils (seeds), Greek feta cheese, and maple-glazed pecans gently kissed with a splash of the most heavenly nectar-in-the-form-of-a-vinegar imaginable... O Olive Oil's Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar. It's got a slightly fruity note with a subtle sweetness. So good it doesn't need an oil accompaniment. This vinegar was in the sample pack O Olive Oil sent to me but I also purchased it at Whole Foods for  not one, but two of my friends. Yes, it's that good.

O Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar

Even by salad standards, this is an easy one to pull together. I used maple-glazed pecans I picked up at Whole Foods, my favorite Greek feta cheese from Bristol Farms, organic mixed greens that were pre-washed and ready to use, and a fresh pomegranate that I cut in half and extracted (picked out with  the tines of a fork) the seeds. I don't recommend this extraction method because I kind of splashed myself with ruby red pomegranate juice in the process, but some markets now sell fresh pomegranate arils/seeds, so you don't have to deal with the ruby mess if you don't want to.

Better yet, why not follow the Foodie Nutritionist's step-by-step photo instructions for extracting the seeds the correct and non-messy way - How to Open a Pomegranate.

In any case, for this salad you save the step of needing to make a dressing. Just splash a little of the Pomegranate Champagne Vinegar atop and you're in business. Btw, I'm putting this vinegar under the heading of "vinegars so good you can drink them from the bottle".

Pomegranate, Maple-Glazed Pecan and Feta Salad

Ingredients (quantities at your discretion):
mixed greens, washed and air dried
pomegranate arils/seeds (I used less than half of one pomegranate for a salad for 4)
maple-glazed pecans
Greek feta cheese, crumbled

In large bowl place greens, pomegranate arils, pecans and feta cheese. Gently toss. Splash vinegar on salad before serving.

A nice salad to offset this decadent side:  Sunny's Mashed Potatoes

PS - I've been experimenting with turkey preparations lately and I have a couple I'll be posting soon - one is "Turkey for Two" using a bone-in turkey breast, and the other is "Turkey for Ten", a traditional preparation with a twist.

And if you're looking for the freshest, free range, high quality turkeys available and you happen to be near The Meat House - I highly recommend giving them a call and placing an order. I am currently in Texas and not near one (they have one in Austin but I'm in Dallas), so I've opted for fresh Butterball's, but if I could have my choice, it would definitely be The Meat House.


  1. Veronica - that is a positively gorgeous looking salad - I could just sit down and make a meal of that. I love all of those ingredients together, and I love the idea of that pomegranate champagne vinegar, if only I could get it here (I'm pretty sure I could just drink that stuff)! Gorgeous photos too. I use the "spanking" method for extracting pomegranate seeds - not only does it work pretty well, but it also makes you feel great :-)

  2. Okay you just made me laugh right out loud! Spanking pomegranates, hunh? Well, that just might start a whole new craze over here!

  3. Wow, that looks gorgeous! I could eat the whole bowlful. I am very curious about spanking pomegranates now, though!

  4. Very pretty salad...and aren't pom arils a great touch for a salad? I have so many left after my party that I've frozen a big container of them to use in the winter after pom season is over!

  5. This looks very nice - I love salads! I especially love the idea of those maple glazed pecans.... very 'thanksgiving-y!'

  6. This salad looks amazing! Might just have to clear a spot on our holiday table. :)

  7. Wow what a great looking salad.. And your Pictures rock my world. Can you please tell me what lens you were using and your setup I want Ashlee to get a camera this year at Christmas and could use some info. Thank you. When you coming for a visit by the way?
    Ash and Lew

  8. i made a salad this week that is VERY similar! it was heaven! something about the feta and pom seeds make it!

  9. Hi Lew - Thanks! Miss you guys!! I use a Nikon D80 (don't think they make that model anymore but any of theirs will do, I'm sure), and use either my 50mm or 35mm lens for most of my shots. I also have an external flash with a diffuser attached to it if I have to use a flash. I still want to buy the lamp and the bulbs that were recommended at the workshop but haven't yet. I'll let you know when I'm in your area - will be traveling a lot more coming up (for work). Tell Ash hi!!

  10. Great looking salad, just the kind I like to eat. I may have to add this to my table on Thurs. I keep changing my menu, I have to stop that!
    Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  11. Little award is waiting on my blog!

  12. What a gorgeous and delicious looking salad. I'm so making this as soon as possible! Can I just eat Thanksgiving at your house please?! :)

  13. Lindsey - anytime...only one condition...YOU bring the dessert!

  14. Delicious flavors. The maple glazed pecans just do it for me.

  15. Love this!!! BTW we have the same salad bowl set!!

  16. that looks like a great salad! All things I love!