My $5 a Day Secret to Losing Weight and Feeling Great

I made a discovery recently. It started out as a two-week weight loss experiment and has ended up impacting my daily life in very dramatic and positive ways, which I'll explain more about in a moment. Before that, I wanted to share that over these last 5 ½ weeks, I've lost 6 lbs. That's huge for me as I don’t lose weight easily. Or at all.

It's literally been costing me just $5 a day to do it - about the same as the cost of a latte. Add to that, that I've also been saving money in other areas and I could probably make a case that I’m "even" and it hasn’t cost me anything. Either way, it's made a HUGE difference for me and that is priceless to me.

My $5 a day secret to losing this weight and feeling completely great while doing it, is KetoneAid Ketone Ester. I’ve been taking a “micro-dose”, or 10ml (basically a swallow), of it each morning and I’m not sure I can fully explain it but the weight has just come off. It’s felt effortless to do it, too, like I’m not even really having to try. My mind is still being blown every single day and I’m 5 ½ weeks in.

In the video below that I made several weeks ago, I talk about a two-week experiment I was doing and the results at that two-week mark. You can watch it or skip right past it and read as I go into more detail now that I'm 5 ½ weeks in and 6 lbs down in my weight. Weight loss is just part of what’s changed for me, though. There are so many other amazing changes I’ve experienced and am continuing to enjoy. I've been taking it every day and I believe it may also have some cumulative effects. Regardless, it's been all upside and I could not be happier.

I guess if I were going to summarize what KetoneAid Ketone Ester (this is an affiliate link, see my disclosure at the bottom) does for me, I'd say "it has made literally everything easier and better".
  • Getting up in the morning is easier. Upon waking, I take my small amount of KetoneAid, and minutes later my mind just "wakes up". And that’s prior to having any coffee. 
  • Working out is easier and better. It's like I feel stronger and have more endurance but it just "happens" without any noticeable burst of energy or anything.
  • Eating is SO much easier and better. I'm making better choices consistently and without any effort.
  • I'm losing weight. Again, with no perceived extra effort.
  • Working on projects and completing tasks are easier.
  • I'm more creative.
  • I'm more efficient.
  • My brain is working faster.
  • I'm sharper.
  • I feel more free.
  • I'm not procrastinating like I did before.
  • I'm more focused.
  • I'm sleeping better.
  • I have less anxiety.
  • I'm happier and more at peace.
  • I'm more self confident.
  • I'm more decisive.
  • I'm making better choices AND it's easier to make those choices.
  • I'm performing better in life.

A person may experience some of these same things by following a strict ketogenic diet for a long period of time and maintaining a certain level of nutritional ketosis. Or by fasting for several days to get into that deep state of ketosis. But KetoneAid coupled with my low carb, fairly Keto diet, has made it really easy, quick and effortless for me to do, and to realize the same benefits. Do you have to follow a ketogenic diet for it to work? No, but it is helpful. Otherwise, following a low sugar/low carb diet (the way a diabetic might do) is another great option.

To give you an idea of the difference it's made for me physically, this is me right before starting KetoneAid

And this is me now 5 1/2 weeks later and about 6 lbs lighter

How I Use KetoneAid and What a Typical Day Looks Like for Me

Wake up around 5:30am.

Take 10ml KE4 (watch my video here of how I take it).

Drink coffee (half caf/half decaf) with a small amount of collagen (about 6g protein, not enough to take me out of a fasted state) plus no-sugar sweetener (this is my favorite one and does NOT spike my blood sugar), cinnamon and Dong Quai for female hormone balance. I have no fats and no sugars, especially no MCT oil for hours. MCT oil at the same time as ketone ester can cause GI distress, more GI distress than MCT oil normally can cause. KetoneAid Ketone Ester by itself does not give you any GI distress at all! Zero!

Fasted workout a couple of hours later sometimes with one of these Smart Caffeine 20 minutes before I start my workout. My normal workout is one of the following: Megaformer using the Lagree Fitness method (50 minutes of high intensity, low impact strength and endurance training), running (short-mid distance), boxing (cardio).

Eat lunch when I get hungry which is not until around 2pm or so. If you'd like to see what I eat, please check out my Instagram @VeronicaCulverNPB Highlight called "What I Eat".

Eat dinner around 6:30pm.

Eat a Bulletproof Collagen Bar (Mint Chocolate Chip is my favorite) or one of my Keto Collagen Brownies around 8pm if I want something "sweet", or I'll just have some collagen in hot tea or something.

Go to bed around 10pm and sleep like a baby.

Throughout the day I drink lots of water and also have Himalayan pink salt for mineral and electrolyte balance.

(In between all those things I do my work, too, of course.)

What KetoneAid Ketone Ester "Is" and What it "Isn't"

It's a ketone ester which is an FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) Food (not a supplement).

It's a way to kickstart your metabolism for the day. In this small "micro dose", some suspect it may be signaling to your body that it should start reaching for its deeper fuel source (stored fat) and start burning it. And if you eat smart, like the way a diabetic might eat (no sugar, low carb), by the time the KetoneAid leaves your system you should still be in fat burning mode for the rest of the day.

It's the same type of benefits you might get from the very best MCT oil but without any worries of GI distress if you accidentally overdose yourself. And you don't have to deal with messy oils or the high calorie load. MCT oil still has a place in my diet, just not as big, and my body is showing the difference. As I mentioned, my weight is down 6 lbs. since beginning KetoneAid 5 1/2 weeks ago.

It's an ester, it's not a salt (you can learn more about the differences in a KetoneAid video here). A 10ml micro serving of KetoneAid KE4 Ketone Ester contains 5g of ketone ester. Most ketone salts are nowhere near as effective. For one, the ketone beta-hydroxy-butyrate (BHB) is an acid. To neutralize the acid and make it drinkable (otherwise it would burn your mouth) ketone salt companies add bases of multiple salts, however the drawback is that this then causes bloating from the massive salt load. The KetoneAid ketone ester is D-beta-hydroxy-butyrate bonded with a molecule called R1,3-butanediol only so there is no massive salt load. The video explains it much better than I ever could, so feel free to watch that if you want more detail.

It can help you eat better and easier. The best way I can describe it is when my body starts to signal that I'm hungry, in the past I might think of MULTIPLE things I'd like to eat and devour right then in that moment, but instead now I feel more in control and have no cravings so I have to actually think "hmmm, what do I feel like eating". It's become more of a conscious decision to then eat what I know is good for my body vs. making choices that were driven out of emotion, attachment, addiction, etc. It's a subtle feeling yet super empowering. This is what I mean when I say, it's just easier to make better decisions.

It's not a stimulant. There is no rush of energy or anything like that. In fact, I might call it the "anti-stimulant" as it can help reduce addictions to things such as caffeine and sugar. After taking it, it feels like I've just meditated deeply and am in my zone.

It's not going to do the work for you or make better decisions for you but it can help you if you let it. It won't cancel out bad decisions. For instance, if you continue to eat foods that created inflammation and/or weight gain in your body, KetoneAid won't magically make that inflammation or weight gain go away. If you continue to eat that way, you will continue to have those same negative consequences (inflammation and/or weight gain).

It's not a miracle (even though it feels like one to me) and it may not work for everyone. I've had 2 people tell me they didn't think it was working for them. Perhaps it may take a little longer, perhaps it's something in their diet or lifestyle, or perhaps it just won't work for them. I'm still not sure. Even so, that's only 2 out of 15 people that I know of (2 questioning it, 13 raving about it).

It's not a drug.

It's not illegal nor is it a banned substance for athletic performance.

It's not magic.

Mental Performance

I want to mention that endogenous (internal) ketones, from a ketogenic diet, have been shown to help the mind, specifically those with Alzheimers, Parkinsons and Traumatic Brain Injury. So it should have come as no surprise to me that I'd be experiencing so many mental performance benefits from these exogenous (external) ketones from this ketone ester. My great surprise, however, is due to how massively effective this very small quantity is. There is just nothing else like it, in my opinion. As a friend of mine put it, they feel like it gives them superpowers.

In the end, with or without KetoneAid, it's still going to be your choice - but taking KetoneAid makes making better choices easier.

The Taste

There has been quite a bit publicized about the very bad taste of ketone esters and ketone salts, too. They were not lying. However, I have grown to love, yes love, the taste of this ketone ester. I dilute it in cold water first and then drink it like a shot. If anything, it tastes like cherry cough medicine. It's really not bad at all. It could taste like crap though, and I'd still drink it. It's that worthwhile to me. Besides, it's a tiny little swallow once a day and you're done. Super easy.

Head's up: You should definitely stay tuned because I've tried a new product they have coming out soon (not yet released) and it tastes even better and is even easier to drink. Be sure you're subscribed to my email list and are following me on social (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) as I will definitely keep you updated!

The Cost

The cost for most to use it in the way I've described (once daily, 10ml micro serving) is $5 per day. I won't even talk about the value of what it's been worth to me (priceless), but I will say that I've saved money across the board on other things like reducing my consumption of expensive MCT oil, even more expensive coffee shop lattes, eating out less and saving on food in general, just to name a few. Few understand it costs less on a gram per effective gram basis than most ketone salts.

To Order

Please use my discount code "VERONICA" (gets you free shipping which saves $15 on the Trainer size bottle or $5 on the small) when placing your order with KetoneAid and I'm happy to help guide you through optimizing it for your own use. I've had so many of my friends who've ordered and begun using it tell me that it's the best thing they've done and they still can't wrap their head around how it could be so easy to perform so much better, feel better AND be losing weight effortlessly. For some it may take a little tweaking, for others it's immediate.

This is my affiliate link if you'd like to order www.Ketoneaid.com/Veronica

(This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something using one of these links I may earn a commission but it will not affect the price you pay. This helps me continue to provide recipes and content for free.)


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