Bags Packed and Leaving Town (just temporarily)

I'm headed to Las Vegas for a whole week working at my company's annual user conference which may sound like fun.. but it will be early mornings, long days and late nights - about 5 of them back to back - so I gotta get my game face (and feet) on!

I probably won't post too much until next weekend but you may see a random Vegas restaurant review or two, musings about sights and sounds found in the "entertainment capital of the world", photos of completely random things, etc., etc.

In the meantime, here are a few things to keep you company:

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Honey Lime Chicken

Baby Spinach, Celery Root and Fuji Apple Salad (aka Aarti Sequeira's Ugly Duckling Salad)


  1. Have fun (as much as you possibly can while working) in Vegas! I will be looking forward to the pictures of random things, I am sure you will find plenty of crazy things to photograph!

  2. Not sure if you'll have free time for food fun, but I love Rosemary's (off strip) and Emeril's Delmonico (on strip). So many good places to eat...Vegas is such a fun food town!!

  3. hi Veronica

    have as much fun as possible while your working in vegas, and keep us updated!!! Thanks for posting before you head out, your images are simply breath taking!!

  4. Thanks Kristie!!

    Wendy - I think Delmonico's is in my hotel (if it's the same one) - Not sure if I'll get to try it but hope so!

    Chef Dennis - Thank you and will do!!

  5. Have a fun trip! These recipes look great, I'm particularly excited about the flourless cake as my sister just found out she's allergic to gluten. Will be passing this on to her :)

  6. This beef looks awesome , and what's best than a cheesy mac and cheese to eat along with ?! :)