A Room with a View (a pictorial)

As you know, I'm in Vegas for a work trip. Thought I'd share a few pics of the room..

view out of my window
(What you can't see or hear is the cannon going off all evening for the pirate show - remember Miss Congeniality?)
remote control window shades (doesn't every room have these?? lol)
step down into my living room
my desk, replete with fax machine

tv in the bathroom

Lest you think I'm special, let me assure you that ALL the rooms in this hotel look like this or better... can you guess what hotel?


  1. Wow, nice spread :) I go to Las Vegas often but I can't remember what's next to or in front of Treasure Island. Your work definitely hooked you up with a nice place to stay. I know you are in LV for work, for blog conference maybe? Hmm, not sure if that was this weekend or next weekend.

    Enjoy...but since it's work, Try to enjoy is more like it.

  2. They totally picked a great place for our conference (technology)! It's the Palazzo :-)

  3. Welcome to Sin City! I hope you enjoy your time here!

    I was going to guess either the Venetian or the Palazzo. Hey, I live in Vegas. I know these things.

  4. what a view!!! I MIGHT go to Las Vegas for my honeymoon! But i have to marry first... oops.. and to find the groom... COME ON I AM SO JEALOUS!!!

  5. I was going to guess the Palazzo and the Venetian too! You totally gave that away in your first photo! haha. but the only reason I would know (I haven't been to Vegas since I was a child) is that I googled "hotel opposite Treasure Island" and Wikipedia was helpful enough to have a street map on its page. woot for technology.

    But now that you've showed how grand it is, I know where I'll be trying to get a room when I'm next in Vegas =)

  6. holy smokes! this hotel looks so glamourous and classy! would love to be there for one day!!

    have a lovely weekend!
    jen @ www.passion4food.ca