Mountain Bread (I'm fascinated with this stuff)

Healthy Breakfast Burrito
free range sunflower sprout fed chicken eggs, organic yukon gold potatoes, cilantro, and cheddar cheese
(the wraps are ready to eat right from the package, no cooking needed)

Chipotle Turkey Wrap
organic turkey breast,  iceberg lettuce, red bell pepper, cilantro, and colby jack cheese w/chipotle mayo
(I made the chipotle mayo using regular mayonnaise and mixing in chipotle pepper spice)

I'm totally intrigued by this Mountain Bread. It's healthy (made with only 3 ingredients - flour, water and salt), low-cal, tasty, satisfying and versatile.

The other day I made a pizza with it (see my August 2nd post entitled, "Healthy Pizza"). Today I had it for breakfast AND lunch, then promptly ran to Bristol Farms to buy some more before it disappears off the shelf.

I just can't get over how perfect it is. After breakfast, my husband said, "That's the best breakfast burrito I've ever had". Then after lunch he said the exact same thing about the turkey wrap. I cannot explain it. Maybe it has magical powers. I don't know and I'm not sure I even care. What I do know is this stuff is pretty awesome and I'm so glad Bristol Farms carries it. I really, really hope other markets start doing the same across the country. Once you try it you'll know what I mean.

Mountain Bread made in Australia by the Mountain Bread Company
and look at that label...NO FAT, NO OIL and NO SUGAR!

PS, in case you're wondering about those "free range sunflower sprout fed chicken eggs", I got them at Gelson's Market and they're fantastic.

delicious eggs!


  1. Last year Whole Foods stopped selling Mountain Bread. Do you purchase it anywhere else in Orange County? We have tried so many wraps and are always disappointed.

    1. I do! It's been a several months ago but I bought some at Bristol Farms in Newport Beach and before that at Whole Foods in Tustin (they had it in the refrigerated section). Bristol Farms almost always carries it but I'd give them a call first to double-check.